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Internship – (Learning by Doing)

At CBS all the students have to take up the Summer Internship Programme (SIP) with any company across diverse verticals as a part of the Curriculum. At Carlton, we have a concept of Summer Internship program for our scholars. The internship program aims at bridging the gap between the classroom learning and the industry practices.

During the Summer Internship scholars work in the organization and the scholars execute the instructions given to them by the employees in the organization and assimilate the learning through the execution process and map it to the class room learning.

The same is then compiled in the form of a report which will be duly submitted to the organization at the end of the internship. The Summer Internship tenure normally ranges from eight weeks to ten weeks. SIP helps the students to secure Final Placements as some of the companies with whom the students have pursued the Internship may give Pre Placement Offers.

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Multifaceted Leadership Lab


In CBS, you grow and shape your insight as a leader on a daily basis. A good leader must be confident as well as knowledgeable and be able to motivate, mobilize, and lead change. You will build all those capabilities during intense classroom experiences and action learning opportunities like the transformational course Leadership Lab. The CBS Leadership Center organizes events like real-time simulations, up-close and personal sessions with corporate and nonprofit leaders, and skill-building workshops for self-assessment and reflection.

Student clubs give you the opportunity to assume significant leadership roles within your field by organizing influential conferences and symposia. In the course of these experiences, you will develop your own leadership identity distinguished by a clear spirit of integrity and innovation, giving you the power to make a difference in any part of an organization.

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Carlton Business School’s Entrepreneurship Hub enables the students to realize their ambitions to become an entrepreneur. E-HUB is integrated in the Business School’s Innovation & Entrepreneur-ship Center.

Our EIC core programme draws on leading Faculty and Entrepreneurs from Start-Ups to teach and coach postgraduate students through a series of lectures, workshops and selected projects. E-HUB intends to enhance the entrepreneurial culture within the Business School by giving students the opportunity to explore entrepreneurial ideas and develop practical entrepreneurial skills. E-HUB enables the students to learn not only about the theory but also provides them practical experience by developing a business case. Knowing the demand CBS proudly introduces special custom-made modules to develop necessary skills for those interested in Family owned Businesses and Start-ups for enterprising entrepreneurs.

Set up graduates for an array of career opportunities like establishing your own business, consulting on innovation & establishing business start-ups.

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Industry Orientation

Industry Orientation Integration with Market requirements

  • Project driven mode program is one of its kind (Projects are the real-time problems presented by companies to the students who will solve them under the guidance of international professors) Focus is on decision making and implementation.
  • Student gets the experience of being a Business Consultant to companies under the guidance of a team of international professor
  • Excellent opportunities exist for students to get absorbed in the companies on which they submit project reports. 

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Global Exposure

Global exposure

  • Cross-cultural approach by way of interaction with professors of different countries around the world.
  • Opportunity to interact with MBA students of other top B-Schools across the world through group study exchange programs.
  • Opportunity to develop Business-contacts with people around the world through the network of organizations and B-Schools that CBS is tied up with.
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